And his master Artworks on aluminium & airbrush. 

Would you like an artwork with your own car in it? Well now you can!  
Reginald is a Visual Artist that will ​create your artwork tailor made, with Airbrush!
Be surprised over and over by the special 3D- and light effects of his artworks, this effect can only come to its full potential when seen with your own eyes…

As a visual artist, I create works of art with cars on aluminum, glass and textiles. With special 3D and light effects. Made with special strobo photography [200 layers of photos per car], silkscreen and airbrush! I create tailor made artworks with all brands / special cars [Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Aston Martin, Bugatti, Mercedes, Jaguar etc.].

Every tailor-made artwork starts with a photo session in your neighborhood. 200 photos are taken of each car with different exposures. These photos are placed on top of each other to make a 3D image. The artwork is then applied to the aluminum with silkscreen and the entire artwork is finished off with Airbrush. This creates a very special 3D effect with light effects that you can only see with your own eyes …

Each and every piece of art that I make is unique and is provided with a certificate of authenticity, numbered and provided with my signature.

Would you like to have your very own artwork custom made? You can. Please contact me and let me know what your wishes are.


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